What is plum concrete and its uses


There are many types of concrete such as reinforced concrete, light weight concrete, precast concrete, sand concrete, polymer concrete, shortcrete, plum concrete etc.

Here in this post we will know plum concrete.

Definition: In plum concrete big Boulders are used which is in the range of 150mm to 300mm or even bigger sometimes. Also known as plum stones. The size of plum stone are decided by local availability, project, and technical discussions.

Placing of plum concrete and it’s used

  • Excavation Area should be clean, levelled and also could be spraying water to strong bond between surface area and plum concrete.
  • Some times also anti termite treatment is used.
  • Boulders should be washed out properly in result free from the dust.
  • In the process boulders should be placing in layers with sufficient gaps and to ensure the gap should not be less than 150mm.
  • After placing the boulders, concrete will be placed which lead to slowly pouring to the gaps.
  • This process will be continue until the level surface is matched.
  • It is used in Foundation structures where in the place of PCC. The ratio of plum concrete is 40% plum stones and 60% concrete. M10 or M15 concrete used.
  • It is cost effective so it decreases cost of PCC about 30%.
  • Its is also used in high rise building structure, dam construction, bridges, embankment work any other large structures.
  • It consists of cement, sand and aggregates (plum stones).
  • Boulders should be strong enough and ensure that it should be not flaky.

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