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What is bar bending schedule and advantages of BBS?

What is Bar bending Schedule?

Bar bending is a process of cutting and bending of reinforcement bar into required shape and making it’s list which describes.

  • Location and marking of bar
  • Type of bar
  • Cutting length of bar
  • Number of bar
  • Bending details of bar
  • Total quantity

Of each bar in a reinforcement drawing of a structure. This process of listing is called “Scheduling”.

Advantages of BBS :

  • Cutting and bending of reinforcement can be done.
  • BBS avoids wastage of steel reinforcement and thus saves project cost.
  • it provides better estimation and reinforcement steel requirement for each and every structural member.
  • BBS is very useful auditing of reinforcement and provides check or theft and pilferage.
  • It enables easy and fast preparation of bill of construction work for client and contractors.

Types of bar :

  1. Fe250 : It is plain reinforcement bar.
  2. Fe415 : It is reinforcement bar with grips.
  3. Fe 500: It is reinforcement bar with grips and lugs.

For Rounded bar :

Reinforcement bar size to it’s unit weight

  1. 8mm = 0.395 kg/m
  2. 10mm = 0.617 kg/m
  3. 12mm = 0.889 kg/m
  4. 16mm = 1.580 kg/m
  5. 20mm = 2.470 kg/m
  6. 22mm = 2.987 kg/m
  7. 25mm = 3.858 kg/m
  8. 32mm = 60320 kg/m

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