Interlocking bricks uses

What are the benefits of making a wall using interlocking bricks?

There are many different construction types of brickwork through various construction techniques. One of popular technique is interlock bricks.

Interlocking bricks image shown below.

  • In this type of construction, we use cement paste for conjoin the interlocking bricks. We do not use cement mortar and also bricks have their own support system through internal locking. Interlocking bricks can be made through clay or concrete. And comes in brown, red and orange blue etc.
  • Interlocking bricks have good stability and strength.
  • Cement mortar is only use for first layer of bricks at ground level. In this first layer levelling and lining done properly.
  • We don’t need levelling and lining for much time during construction after the first layer laid. Hence this technique is time saving and work can be done quickly and project may be accomplished in short time.
  • Also, less water required during this construction process and no need for curing.
  • Also surface of wall will be smooth enough so less material will be used in plastering.

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