Lapping length

What is lapping & development length and why it is provided?

Lap length : Over lapping length or development length is provided for maintain the continuity of bar in order to safely transfer the stress from one bar to another bar. Lap length should not be less than 75mm. Generally we take 24d-50d, Where d is the diameter of bar as IS 456-2000. Lap always provided […]

How to calculate quantity of concrete ingredients

How to calculate quantity of cement, sand, and aggregates for M20 grade concrete.

M20 is considered as nominal mix. M20 grade of concrete proportion ratio of cement : fine aggregates: coarse aggregates is 1:1.5:3 as per Is code 10262:2009. This batching can be determined through “by weight” and “by volume”.Here in this post we will find out through ” by volume” method. In by volume method, we have […]

Concrete pouring

What is basics of cement concrete ingredients and applications

Cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water is the primary ingredients of cement concrete mortar. Cement: The primary function of cement ingredient is to bind the coarse aggregates together. Cement also come in two types, Ordinary Portland cement & Portland pozzolana cement in shortly termed as OPC & PPC. OPC cement generates more heat of […]

concrete cube test

How to perform concrete cube test in universal testing machine to determine the compressive strength?

Compressive strength of concrete: It is nothing but the loads it can carry on its surface without any crack or failure. So here the compressive strength of the concrete is being applied at the point of failure. We do concrete cube test to determine the compressive strength of concrete. Concrete has more compressive strength than […]

slump cone test equipments

How to perform concrete slump cone test at the site

why to use concrete slump cone test: Concrete slump test is used to determine the workability or consistency of the concrete. Required equipment: Equipment details: The mould for the test which is slump cone having top diameter of 100mm, bottom diameter of 200mm and height of 300mm. The temping rod used is 16mm diameter and […]