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Important things to do before start the construction process of any building structure up to plinth level.

First, we have different structural drawings before starting the construction process.

Site cleaning area figure
  • Site cleaning of the plot area. Ensure cleaning of site minimum 2 meter more on each side of area then the plot area. Area calculation of site cleaning would be measured in square meter.
  • After the site cleaning footing marking process start with white limestone reference by thread line. It should be visible to backhoe operator.
  • After completion of marking on ground surface excavation will start with reference to foundation drawing.
  • After completion of excavation of footings, we dressing the pit and use anti-termite treatment as per IS  6313. In anti-termite treatment dosage of chemical on horizontal and vertical surface. Use 7.5 litter/m2.
  • After completion of ATT 100mm to 200mm sand filling required before starting of the PCC work. This sand filling helps the structure in earthquake situations and also PCC will not comes directly with soil contact.
  • Now 100mm to 150mm PCC work to be done for provide the hard strata for the footing and support the structure to not collapse. PCC will be measured in cubic meter.
sand filling and pcc before casting the footing
  • Now we start the reinforcement binding work for footing as per given foundation drawing. After the completion of reinforcement binding properly, provide the covers and shuttering before starting the casting work of footing as per given grade of concrete.
  • Shuttering will be measured in square meter and concrete will be measured in cubic meter. Above the footing vertical part of the structure to the NGL (Natural ground level) is known as pedestal column.
  • After the completion of footing casting, removal of shuttering (refer IS code 456-2000) and curing of 28 days with gunny bags. Then backfilling work start. Laterite soil (Murrum soil) should be preferred.
  • Note: Black cotton soil should not use in backfilling.
  • Then provide one line brickwork above the NGL. After that we ground beam will be placed as per drawing and before that column will be placed up to slab level.
  • Above plinth beam DPC (Damp proof coarse) should be provided approximately 50mm thick. DPC do not let enter water into the wall or structure from ground due to capillary rise(seepage).
  • Above DPC use bitumen coat after cleaning the DPC edge with kerosene oil for bonding. Grade of bitumen is VG-10 and calculated by square meter.
  • This is the process of building construction up to plinth level.

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