slump cone test equipments

How to perform concrete slump cone test at the site

why to use concrete slump cone test:

Concrete slump test is used to determine the workability or consistency of the concrete.

Required equipment:

  • Slump cone or mould
  • Non porous base plate
  • Measuring scale
  • temping rod
  • Trowel
Concrete slump cone test equipment
Equipment details:

The mould for the test which is slump cone having top diameter of 100mm, bottom diameter of 200mm and height of 300mm.

The temping rod used is 16mm diameter and 600mm long made of steel.


the slump cone test performance area should be free from vibrations and should be laid on horizontal plan ground area.

Concrete slump cone test procedure
  • Clean the internal surface of the slump cone & non porous base plate.
  • Fill the mould with concrete with 4 equal layers.
  • Tamp each layer with 25 stocks, after the 4th layer tamping remove the excess concrete with trowel and level the top surface.
  • clean the water and the mortar between the mould and the base plate.
  • immediatly raise the mould from the concrete in straight vertical direction.
  • now measure the slump as the difference between the height of the mould and the concrete which is performed through the measuring scale.


The slump measured is recorded in millimetres.

Whatever the value came from the difference is known as the slump value.

Types of slump results

  • True slump: The measurement taken between top of the mould and top of the concrete it is slump value and it is only measurable in true slump type.
  • Zero slump: Zero sump means very low water-cement ratio and which led to dry mix and it is used in road construction.
  • Collapse slump: In this type of slump water cement ratio is very high and concrete has more workability which is unappropriated.
  • Shear test: In shear test concrete will be tested again.

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