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How to do unit conversion in civil engineering?

Measurement is one of the major aspects in civil engineering, without proper measurement unit we can not design and construct any infrastructure.

There are four major measurement systems and categories to converts the measurement units. Four measurement systems are distance(length), mass(weight), area and volume. But today in the concepts of measurement we include pressure, temperature, time, speed, data, electrical current etc.

Any measurement have some fixed units to apply properly in the word, for a example lets take one of the measurement is distance. Distance can be measured in metre, centimetre, kilometre, millimetre, feet, inch, soot, yards, miles, lightyears, etc. Now we have to convert the length measurement unit as our requirement from one unit to another.

Unit conversion table

As we can see in above table to convert the units in metric length, metric area, metric volume, metric weight, metric liquid volume. These are the units apply in the world same.

In below the image as you can see when we go higher unit to lower unit then we have to multiply times and if we go lower unit to higher then we have to divided by times. It is pro tip to make calculations fast.

Distance unit conversion

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