How to calculate quantity of concrete ingredients

How to calculate quantity of cement, sand, and aggregates for M20 grade concrete.

M20 is considered as nominal mix. M20 grade of concrete proportion ratio of cement : fine aggregates: coarse aggregates is 1:1.5:3 as per Is code 10262:2009.

This batching can be determined through “by weight” and “by volume”.
Here in this post we will find out through ” by volume” method.

In by volume method, we have a standard measuring box for the precise proportion of different concrete ingredients. Standard measuring box size is 300mm×300mm×385mm whose volume will be 0.03465 show following image.

For M20 grade concrete following 1:1.5:3 ratio.
Where 1 bag of cement (50 kg) put aside and then take fine aggregates of 1.5 measuring box. And same way takes coarse aggregates 3 measuring box by volume for precise proportions.

Here we have to take sum of cement, sand, and coarse aggregates proportion which is cement =1, sand= 1.5, aggregates= 3.

Sum of ratio = 1+1.5+3=5.5

For calculations of concrete ingredients first we have to find dry volume from wet volume.
Dry and wet both volumes will be difficult and dry volume will be more than wet volume of concrete.

After applying water in dry concrete, volume of dry concrete reduce by 54% to 57% so generally we take 1.54 As a dry coefficient.
Fine aggregates has 34% and coarse aggregates has 20% compressibility with sum is 54%

Dry volume = 1.54 * wet volume

Now for 1 cubic meter of wet concrete, we need 1×1.54 =1.54 cubic meter of dry concrete.

1. Quantity of cement:

Cement ratio is 1 out of 5.5 ratio For M20 grade of concrete.
Quantity of concrete ingredient=Wet Cubic meter of concrete* ingredients proportion in ratio *dry coefficient * ingredients unit weight (density)/ sum of ratio

Here to find cement content is 1*1.54*1440/5.5 =403.2kg

Here 1440 is the unit weight of cement. Now we got the cement weight but we have to find bags so divide weight of the cement per bag by 50 which results the bags of cement.
Note: 1 cement bag comes with 50kg of cement from manufacturer.
403.2/50 = 8.064 no’s of bags required for 1 cum of concrete for M20 grade.

2. Quantity of fine aggregates (sand):

  1. Sand is 1.5 in the ratio of 5.5 for M20 grade of concrete.

Sand = 1*1.54*1450/5.5= 609 kg

Here 1450kg/m3 is the unit weight of the sand.
609 kg of sand required in 1 cubic meter of concrete.

3. Quantity of coarse aggregates:

Coarse aggregates are 3 in ratio of 5.5 for M20 grade of concrete

Quantity is aggregates = 1*1.54*1500/5.5=1176kg for 1 cubic meter of concrete.
Here 1500kg/m3 is the unit weight of aggregate.

I hope this post will help to determine the quantity of concrete ingredient.

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