type of brick, red brick. fly ash brick, AAC block

Construction raw materials Redbrick, AAC block, Fly ash brick

Here is the different construction raw materials details.


This image shown red brick
  • One of the major construction raw material redbrick is widely use because it is traditional brick and running through may years. Workers have good experience over it and also expertise in problem overcome.
  • redbrick contain components are clay, sand, lime, iron oxide, magnesia.
  • Before start the construction use water over the bricks so will not absorb water from the mortar. These bricks absorb 15 – 20% of water.
  • Red bricks weight found 3.5kg normally per brick.

Fly ash brick:

fly ash brick
  • Fly ash brick is one of the construction raw material, its components are fly ash, cement, sand, lime and gypsum.
  • Fly ash is the waste product of thermal power plant.
  • In India it a compulsory to make fly ash bricks as in constructions near 300km of thermal power plant. Here, not only in building case but also at road or any other construction structure where wall can be used there should be use.
  • Government planning to use more fly ash bricks because traditional red bricks contain a clay, it is for fertility and also, we have limited in of land quantity. Hence it is in the favour of environment.
  • Fly ash bricks are manufactured so we can control the quality of products better than red bricks.
  • Fly ash bricks size generally larger than redbrick, it is 230*110*70 mm. So, 2 to 5% waste reduced in the outcome.
  • Also, this brick is light weight as compared to red brick. Generally, 2.5kg weight per brick, it can also vary through locations and ingredients proportions.
  • Because of light weight it is also reduce the reinforcement and beam column cost, general outcome occurs project will be budget friendly.
  • Fly ash bricks give same strength or sometimes more as compare to red bricks 30-35 N/mm2. Water absorption is 12%. Fly ash bricks not suitable for topographical areas. It has low heat absorption, so wherever heat field difference is high we cannot use this brick.

AAC brick or block:

AAC block or brick
  • AAC block contain cement, sand, lime, gypsum, aeration agent (use as light weight) and sometimes fly ash also added.
  • It comes in different sizes as 600*400*200mm or 600*200*100 mm.
  • It is light in weight so it reduced the dead load on the building.
  • Water absorption in AAC block is 10% and mortar consumption is less than traditional red brick.

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