Building under construction

Important things to do before start the construction process of any building structure up to plinth level.

First, we have different structural drawings before starting the construction process. Checkout Why do we provide steel as reinforcement in concrete structure?

unit conversion

How to do unit conversion in civil engineering?

Measurement is one of the major aspects in civil engineering, without proper measurement unit we can not design and construct any infrastructure. There are four major measurement systems and categories to converts the measurement units. Four measurement systems are distance(length), mass(weight), area and volume. But today in the concepts of measurement we include pressure, temperature, […]

Concrete pouring

What is basics of cement concrete ingredients and applications

Cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water is the primary ingredients of cement concrete mortar. Cement: The primary function of cement ingredient is to bind the coarse aggregates together. Cement also come in two types, Ordinary Portland cement & Portland pozzolana cement in shortly termed as OPC & PPC. OPC cement generates more heat of […]